What is Cat Insurance?

Despite the old saying, 'cats always land on their feet' sometimes they need us to provide them with care due to illness or injury.

Unfortunately the NHS doesn't extend its services to our furry friends, so if something unexpected were to happen, we're usually left with a bill for Tiddles to receive the treatment he needs. Sometimes that bill can run into the hundreds or thousands of pounds.

That's where cat insurance comes in! With a pet insurance policy, you can provide your cat with cover for their vet fees without necessarily breaking the bank when it comes to monthly premiums.

Types of Cat Insurance

With four main types of cat insurance policy to choose from and countless differences between individual policies, the process of finding a product that suits your pet and your budget can be much easier when you compare cat insurance policies in one place. But before you do, it might help to understand which of the four main policy types might be the most suitable.

You can typically choose between accident-only, time-limited, maximum benefit or lifetime pet insurance policies. We've summarised the main differences between them below, but for more information please read our guide to the different types of pet insurance.

  Accident Only Time Limited Max Benefit Maximum Benefit Lifetime
Policy renewable every 12 months Y Y Y Y
Covers vet fees for sudden or unexpected injury or illness Y Y Y Y
Covers vet fees for each injury or condition up to a maximum amount following initial claim   Y Y Y
Vet fees for each condition are covered for 12 months following initial claim*   Y    
Vet fees for each condition are covered without any time limit following initial claim*     Y Y
Vet fees for each condition are covered up to a maximum amount, without any time limit, and the maximum amount resets every policy year**       Y

* You will need to renew your policy if the condition extends beyond your current 12-month policy
** Insurer may refuse or limit cover to exclude existing conditions at the renewal date

What is cat Insurance?
What Does Cat Insurance Cover?

What Does Cat Insurance Cover?

The main reason for taking out a pet insurance policy is to ensure your feline friend will receive the treatment he or she needs in the event of illness, injury or a medical problem, so the basis for most cat insurance policies is to offer a level of protection you feel is sufficient and affordable.

But beyond this cat insurance can sometimes offer much more, depending on the policy. This can include the likes of:

  • Accidental damage
    Where a specific amount of cover is included in the policy for damage to another person's property by your cat.
  • Your cat's dental health
    The cost of dental care for cats can be surprisingly expensive, so it might be worth looking into the policy wording to see if it's included.
  • Death by illness or accident
    If by chance your furry feline doesn't have nine lives after all, some policies will pay out either a lump sum that covers the price you paid when you bought your pet or the current market value. If your cat does apparently have nine lives, be prepared that the policy will only cover the first!
  • Hospitalisation
    We mean you this time! Many policies offer cover towards your cat's boarding or cattery fees in the event that his or her owner becomes too poorly to care for them. Be sure to check the policy wording and look into the maximum pay-out available to make sure it meets your requirements.
  • Have you seen this cat?
    Missing cat cover is sometimes included in pet insurance policies, meaning you could recover some of the costs of advertising for their safe return. There are also policies that can cover a small reward for the heroic neighbour who reunites you with your pet, where applicable.

Should I get Cat Insurance?

There is a lot to consider when you're thinking of buying cat insurance, including your budget, the age and breed of your cat and whether he or she has any pre-existing or ongoing medical conditions.

While it is crucial to remember that pet insurance does not cover the likes of vaccinations, routine treatments, grooming or housing your pet while you jet off on holiday, we cannot predict what may or may not happen in the future, even if your cat is in perfect health today and largely stays out of trouble.

So considering the potential costs of vet fees, pet insurance could offer peace of mind that should something unexpected happen, those medical expenses won't seem quite as daunting.

How Can I Save Money on Cat Insurance?

Microchipping your cat can be seen by many insurers as a sign of responsible pet ownership and in turn, some will offer lower premiums based on this. Further to this, the information stored on your cat's microchip can make it easier for him or her to be returned to you in the event that they're found wandering a nearby village.

By keeping your cat's vaccinations up to date, you're not only helping your cat out in the long-run by doing your bit to keep certain illnesses at bay; you could also save money on your pet insurance premiums as some insurers will see your pet as at a 'lower risk' for becoming ill.

Once you have a good idea of the cover level you require and the types of policy available, you're ready to start comparing pet insurance products!

Should I get Cat Insurance?

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