A guide to multi-pet insurance

Sometimes one pet just isn't enough! If you share your home with multiple furry friends, a multi-pet insurance policy could be more convenient than insuring all your animals separately by keeping everything tied together under one provider.

How does multi-pet insurance work?

Mult-pet insurance works the same way as individual pet insurance , but all your pets will be conveniently grouped under one insurance provider.

Each pet will have a separate claim limit which means you will not have to spread the cover between them. For example, if your policy provides £5,000 for vet fees, you can claim up to this amount for each individual animal.

Is multi-pet insurance cheaper?

Getting a multi-pet policy could work out cheaper than purchasing several individual policies. However, it's still worth shopping around for individual quotes to see how both compare.

Do I need pet insurance?

Chances are, you treat your pet as one of the family, so the thought of them becoming ill or injured is hard to think about. Should the unthinkable happen, pet insurance can provide a helping paw during your pet's hour of need.

Without pet insurance in place, could you afford to fork out for your pet's vet bills or long-term medication? If not, pet insurance could give you valuable peace of mind, knowing little Tibbles is covered, fully or partially, against accidents or illness.

What does it cover?

Pet insurance policies can vary widely, so you need to do your research to ensure your policy will provide the cover you need. The following features are usually covered under a good pet insurance policy:

Vet fees

According to the Association of British Insurers, the average insurance claim for a cat or dog in 2019 was £822. However, their case studies highlighted that treatment over several years for one terrier, for a serious lung disorder, mounted up to a whopping £40,000!

So, unless you have a reasonable amount cash stashed away in your savings to use towards unexpected vet bills, pet insurance can potentially be a lifesaver! Bear in mind, routine vet treatment such as vaccinations and worming won't normally be covered.

Lost and found cover

Your policy could pay the purchase price of your pet if they go missing as a result of theft or straying. You must report your missing pet to the police as soon as possible, and most insurers then pay out if they are not found within 30 days of being reported.

You will normally need to supply proof of purchase for your insurer to pay out. If you cannot provide proof of purchase, your provider may pay out a fixed amount depending on your pet's age at the time they went missing.

Third party liability (dogs only)

If your dog lands you in hot water by causing damage to someone's property or injuring another person, your pet insurance could help towards any legal costs or compensation you have to pay.

To find out more about pet insurance and what it covers, read our comprehensive guide to pet insurance.

Are there any exclusions?

There are some exclusions so you should read about these in your selected policy before you go ahead and insure your pet.

Pet insurance may not be suitable if any of the following apply to your pet:

  • Your pet has displayed aggressive tendencies, attacked or bitten another person or animal.
  • Your pet has been involved in any legal action.
  • Your pet is used for racing, coursing or breeding purposes.
  • Your pet is used for security, guarding or connected in any way with a trade or business.
  • Your pet lives at a premise that sells alcohol.
  • Your pet has a pre-existing medical condition.

There is usually a minimum age before your pet can be covered, for example, from four weeks.

How can I get a quote?

When obtaining a quote, you will need the following information to hand:

  • Your personal information, such as your name and address
  • Your pet's breed, age and sex
  • Your pet's purchase price
  • Whether your pet is microchipped
  • Medical history, including whether they have been spayed or neutered, and if their vaccinations are up to date

Getting a quote for multi-pet insurance is pretty straight forward. All you need to do is tell us a few details about your pets and we'll show you a list of quotes, allowing you to choose the right one to suit your budget and the needs of your pets.

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