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Travel Insurance Glossary


Annual or multi-trip policy

A policy which covers a number of trips during a policy period of 12 months.


Backpacker policy

An annual or multi-trip policy covers you for a 12-month period of travel. If you're planning on taking a number of trips within 365 days, getting an annual policy can be a cost-effective way of getting insurance. There are usually limitations on the maximum length of trip that can be taken , often 31 days, but this does vary by insurer so you should check the policy details before you buy if this is an issue for you.


Items taken on a trip, which are worn or carried by the policyholder, including suitcases.



Cancellation of a trip for a reason stated in policy documentation. For example, redundancy, death or serious illness of a close relative or someone travelling with the policyholder.


A request for payment by the policyholder for a loss covered under the terms of an insurance policy.



Where the departure of a flight or other method of transport is delayed by the time period stipulated in the policy documents, a claim can be made for items such as meals or overnight accommodation.



European Health Insurance Card. A card given to people travelling in the EEA which gives them the same level of healthcare as residents of the country they are visiting.


The portion of a claim a policyholder is liable for, payment for which must be made before a claim is paid by an insurance company.


Items an insurance policy doesn't cover. For example, specific pre-existing medical conditions under a standard travel insurance policy.



Usaull two adults and two children under 18, where the children are usually in full-time education.


Level of cover

The amount of protection given under an insurance policy.


See Exclusions above.


Medical expenses

Cover for emergency medical expenses if someone named under a travel insurance policy is taken ill or injured while on a trip.


Personal Liability

Cover for the legal liability of a policyholder for accidental injury, loss or damage to a third party or their property.


The person that owns an insurance policy, and whose name it is held in.

Pre-existing medical condition

An illness, disease or injury you already have, or have previously had before the start of a travel insurance policy.



The transportation of a person back to the UK, usually following an illness or accident suffered whilst abroad.


Single trip policy

A policy which covers one trip or holiday.

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