What is Life Insurance with Critical Illness Cover?

Life insurance can protect your dependants financially if you pass away. But what happens if you're diagnosed with a critical illness? This is where you might need the addition of critical illness cover, but what is critical illness cover and how does it alter a policy?

Life insurance with critical illness cover is designed to help you cope financially in the above circumstances. It can be added to Mortgage Protection Life Insurance and Level Term Life Insurance and if you are diagnosed with a specified illness, the policy will pay out a lump sum. This will help you to cover mortgage repayments, bills and other expenses if, for example, you are unable to work. It can also help you to cover costs incurred by your illness, such as home adaptations and so allow you to concentrate on getting better rather than worrying about your finances.

Should I get critical illness cover?

If you and your family rely on your salary, critical illness cover may be worth considering. If you were diagnosed with a specified illness, the payout could help in supporting you and your family financially.

If you have plenty of savings to fall back on, no dependants, an employee benefits package that includes cover, or a partner who could cover expenses and bills, you may feel that you do not need critical illness cover.

How do I buy critical illness cover?

comparecover.com offers two ways for you to purchase and compare critical illness cover: integrated critical illness cover which is integrated with a life insurance policy and independent critical illness cover which can be purchased alongside a life insurance policy.

Integrated critical illness cover

This type of cover gives you the same benefit for both a critical illness claim and a death claim. Your policy would cease once either a 'full payment' critical illness claim or a death claim is made.

Independent critical illness cover

This type of cover lets you choose different amounts for your critical illness policy and life insurance policy. The life insurance death cover will continue after a critical illness claim. If you make a critical illness claim and receive a payout, a further claim can be made in the event of death within the term of the life insurance policy.

Full payments vs Partial payments

Some insurance companies offer partial payments for some critical illness conditions in addition to full payments. What this means is that in the event of you suffering a condition that has a partial payment, the policy would pay out a smaller amount which would be detailed in the policy documents. In this case the policy would continue and you would still be able to make a full payment critical illness claim if you suffered an additional critical illness at a later date during the term of the policy.

What is Life Insurance with Critical Illness Cover?
Which critical illnesses will be covered by the policy?

Which critical illnesses will be covered by the policy?

The critical illnesses covered by your plan will vary depending on the provider. Cancer, heart attacks and strokes are all conditions that are commonly covered.

The policy key features for each insurance company's policy will be available when you compare quotes.

What might not be covered?

If an illness isn't listed in the policy's details, it won't be covered. Most policies won't cover you for an existing condition and will outline how serious a condition needs to be for the policy to pay out.

Compare critical illness cover premiums today

Critical illness cover is more expensive than life insurance, as statistically the likelihood of a claim is greater. It's really easy with Compare Cover to get a life insurance quote and see premiums from leading insurers both with and without critical illness cover. Get Quotes today.

To buy a policy that combines life insurance with critical illness cover, you'll be required to provide details of your medical history, family history and lifestyle. You may have to undergo a medical examination, but any costs incurred by this will be covered by your chosen provider. These medical checks can, on occasion, result in your insurer concluding that your application represents a greater than standard risk, and so ask you to pay increased premiums, exclude a condition or even reject your application.


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