What is Mobile Phone Insurance?

Whether you're an avid iPhone user or an Android aficionado, our mobile phones are never far from our hands. In fact, the average Brit checks their phone every 12 minutes!

So, could you cope without your beloved phone if it got nicked down the pub or dropped down the loo? If not, mobile phone insurance can help cover the cost of repairing or replacing your phone, so you can be reunited with your digital companion in no time!

What does mobile insurance cover?

Depending on the provider and the chosen level of cover, you can usually expect protection for the following:

Accidental damage - if you've ever dropped your smart phone, you'll know how delicate they are and how expensive a cracked screen can be to replace. Mobile phone insurance can help take the sting out of this all too familiar scenario.

Liquid damage - we all know that phones and water aren't compatible! Whether you accidently drop your mobile in the bath or spill a cup of coffee on your phone, insurance could help to repair or replace your device.

Theft - a shiny new phone can be a magnet for thieves. With mobile phone insurance you can be covered against those pesky pickpockets.

Breakdown - phone not charging? Blank screen of death? Fear not! If your phone breaks down outside of its warranty period, insurance could help cover the cost of a replacement.

As you may expect, mobile insurance policies differ depending on your provider, so always check your policy before you buy.

What does mobile phone insurance not cover you for?

As with all insurance policies, there are some exclusions to bear in mind. Some common exclusions you may come across include:

Carelessness - if your insurer concludes that you have not taken reasonable care to avoid damage or loss of your phone, your claim may be rejected.

Wear and tear - general cosmetic damage such as scuffs and scratches may not be covered. Typically, only damage that hinders the functioning of your phone will be covered.

Theft while left unattended - as mentioned above, you may not be covered for carelessness such as leaving your phone unattended. If you nip into the supermarket and leave your phone on view in your car, you may not be insured if someone swipes it.

The contents of your phone - losing your family photos, videos, and music downloads is often the hardest part of losing or breaking your phone, and your mobile insurance is unlikely to cover you for this. So, make sure you regularly back up the content on your phone.

What is mobile phone insurance?
mobile phone insurance

Things to consider


This is the amount you'll pay towards a claim. Generally, the higher the excess, the lower the monthly premium. But consider how much you would realistically be able to pay should you need to claim.

Exclusion period

You may not be able to claim on your policy during the first couple of weeks, or you may be required to pay a higher excess for claims made during this period. The exact exclusion period varies depending on the provider, so always check your policy documents.

Don't delay your claim

If you need to claim on your mobile insurance, you may need to act fast! Most policies will require prompt notification to the police and your mobile network provider if your phone has been lost or stolen. Failure to do so may slow your claim down significantly, potentially leaving you mobile-less for weeks!

Loss of your phone

Prone to misplacing things? If you leave your phone at the bus stop, insurance could come in very handy! You'll usually need to upgrade your cover to include loss though, as most do not cover this as standard.

Taking your phone abroad

If you're lucky enough to enjoy an annual holiday abroad, you may wish to check that your policy includes cover for taking your mobile overseas. There is usually a limit on the number of days you can spend outside the UK, so if you take multiple trips abroad, make sure you have enough cover.

Some travel insurance policies will include cover for taking your phone abroad, it may be worth checking your policy if you only wish to cover your mobile phone while on holiday.

Should I get mobile phone insurance?

Most people take their phone with them everywhere, which makes them vulnerable to loss as well as theft. So, if the mobile phone in your pocket is particularly pricey, you may want to think about insuring it against any unexpected incidents.

Before going ahead, ask yourself how much you rely on your phone, and whether you'd need it replaced quickly if you were to lose or damage it. If you could not afford to go out and buy a new phone, mobile phone insurance could mean your phone is repaired or replaced quicker than you could save up the funds to replace it.

Think about whether you are accident prone or have a history of misplacing your mobile. If so, cover may be worth considering. Mobile phone insurance could save you money in the long run, especially if you're likely to make multiple claims a year. Although, you should bear in mind that some policies may limit the number of claims you can make on a policy or the total value of claims you can make.

Is my mobile covered under my home insurance?

Your home contents insurance may provide cover for gadgets such as your mobile phone. However, this depends on the cover options you have selected on your policy and you may have to pay a higher excess for any claims you make. In addition, depending upon your home insurance policy your mobile may only be protected when it is in the house, so once you step outside, that cover stops. And of course, the whole point of having a mobile phone is that it is well, mobile.

Also, if you make a claim for a stolen or damaged mobile phone under your home contents insurance, you would usually have to pay the full excess, even though you are only claiming for one item. Once you've claimed on your home insurance, your monthly premiums may increase when it comes to renewal time.

So, it's important to check your home insurance policy.

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