Types of Gadget Insurance

Gadgets are a big part of modern life. From the smartphone glued to our hands to the tablets we use to binge on the latest Netflix documentary, we're a nation of gadget lovers.

Whether you have loads of devices or just a couple, gadget insurance can help protect your tech against breakages, as well as accidental loss or theft.

Mobile Phone Insurance

Whether you're an avid iPhone user or an Android aficionado, our mobile phones are never far from our hands. In fact, the average Brit checks their phone every 12 minutes! So, what would you do if your phone gets nicked down the pub or you drop it down the loo? Gadget insurance can help cover the cost of repairing or replacing your mobile phone, so you can be reunited with your digital companion in no time!

Games Console Insurance

Team Xbox or PlayStation, games consoles don't come cheap. And if your home is full of teenagers, you probably have a console in most rooms of the house. Some warranties can cover your console for up to a year, but what if it overheats or breaks down once that year is up?

With gadget insurance, you can be back to scoring hattricks on FIFA or racing through the streets of San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto in no time!

Smart Watch Insurance

Whether you want to track your steps, read your text messages, or maybe just tell the time (novel, we know!), a smart watch is the latest must-have for tech lovers. However, being exposed on your wrist, your smart watch can be prone to damage, loss or theft.

You've no doubt paid a lot of money for your smart watch, so it makes sense to protect it with a gadget insurance policy.

Camera Insurance

If your photography skills extend beyond taking photos of your meals for Instagram, you may have taken the plunge and invested in an expensive camera.

If you take your camera with you while out and about or on holiday, it's an unfortunate reality that it can be very appealing to thieves, so cover in case it gets nicked is a must.

Multi Gadget Insurance

If you are teched up with smartphones, tablets and kindles, buying a multi-gadget policy to insure all your gizmos can cost less than insuring everything separately, plus it's can be more convenient to have all your gadgets insured under one handy policy!

What does gadget insurance cover?

What you're covered for with gadget insurance can vary depending on the policy you choose, so check the Ts & Cs of your policy before deciding.

Common cover features include:

Accidental damage - if you've ever dropped your smart phone, you'll know how delicate they are and how expensive a cracked screen can be to replace. Mobile phone insurance can help take the sting out of this all too familiar scenario.

Liquid damage - we all know that water and technology aren't compatible! Whether you accidently drop your tablet in the bath or spill a cup of coffee on your phone, gadget insurance could help to repair or replace your device.

Theft - shiny new tech can be a magnet for thieves. With gadget insurance you're covered against those pesky thieves.

Loss - prone to misplacing things? If you leave your tablet on the train home from work, gadget insurance could come in very handy!

Breakdown - phone not charging? Blank screen of death? Fear not! If your device breaks down outside of its warranty period, gadget insurance could help cover the cost of a replacement.

Gadget insurance

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