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Getting travel insurance for your trip is just as important as buying your tickets or remembering to renew your passport, and it's also vital to decide on a policy that makes sense for you.

Whether you're going away for a few days or taking a round-the-world trip, Compare Cover helps you to compare travel insurance quotes online, for you to find a policy that suits your individual travel needs (and your pocket).

We'll help you to make an informed choice by providing the key features and benefits of each policy, as well as the price.

Our online quote form is simple to use, and our Travel Guides are full of helpful facts and information to answer questions you may have about the different policies, including the various forms of additional cover that are applicable in specific situations.

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What is travel insurance?

What is travel insurance?

Not sure what cover you need for your holiday? Look no further than our Travel Cover Policy Guide and discover relevant information to help you make an informed decision.

What does travel insurance cover?

What does travel insurance cover?

From medical expenses to lost or stolen luggage, from travel delays to help in sticky situations, we'll help you find travel insurance policies that could suit your trip.

Features at a glance

Features at a glance

To help you find a suitable policy quickly and easily, we've teamed up with Defaqto to show you 5 Star Ratings of the quality, features and benefits of each policy.

Types of Policies Available

Single Trip

Get cover for a single trip to one or more destinations.

Annual Multi-trip

Get cover for a number of trips and destinations during a 12-month period.


Get cover for a single trip to multiple destinations over an extended period.


What If I Have a Pre-existing Medical Condition?

Although standard policies don't always cover pre-existing medical conditions, this shouldn't put the kibosh on your trip. Many of our standard panel of insurers can provide quotes for pre-existing conditions and if your condition is more severe, we provide access to providers who are more specialised in this area.

This means you could still compare travel cover and obtain the cover you need for your trip.

Visit our information on Pre-existing medical conditions to find out more.

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Extra Cover? No Problem...

Winter Sports

Additional cover specific to winter sports activities.

Business Trip

Additional cover specific to the requirements of your business trip.


A cruise specific policy provides additional benefits for cruise travellers.

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