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Trips to the vet can become rather expensive. So, when it comes to looking out for your furry companion, pet insurance could offer an affordable level of protection.

At Compare Cover, comparing pet insurance quotes online has never been easier. All you need to do is tell us a little about yourself and your pet to compare quotes from our panel of 25 UK pet insurance providers and find the right policy for your furry friend.

We offer pet insurance policies for both dogs and cats and we can help you find the most suitable and affordable cover to match your budget and requirements.

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What are the types of pet insurance?

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Types of Pet Insurance Policy

Accident-Only Pet Insurance

Typically covers vet fees for a sudden and unexpected injury within the 12-month policy period.

Time-Limited Pet Insurance

Usually covers each new condition up to a financial limit for 12-months. If the limit is reached within the 12-month period, the insurance will stop paying for that condition.

Maximum Benefit Pet Insurance

Typically covers each new condition up to a financial limit for as long as the insurance policy remains in force, with no time limit on your claim. However, you will need to renew your policy if treatment for the same condition continues after the annual renewal date.

Lifetime Pet Insurance

Covers all new medical conditions up to a financial limit. If the limit is reached during the insurance year, the cover stops until the policy is renewed. At renewal, the limit is fully reinstated and the condition will continue to be covered in the policy the following year although the insurer may refuse or limit cover to exclude existing conditions.

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