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What is life insurance?

First and foremost, life insurance offers peace of mind. In the event of your death, your dependants will receive a lump sum, allowing them to pay off debts, such as your mortgage and plan for the future.

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Do I need life insurance?

When it comes to exciting purchases, life insurance is never going to top the list. However, it could be an essential purchase if you have a new-born or a toddler, children of school age or a partner who depends on you financially.

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Life insurance FAQ

At Compare Cover, we compare level term life insurance, decreasing term life insurance (also known as mortgage protection life insurance) and critical illness cover from leading insurance providers.

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Life insurance is our speciality and we work with leading insurance providers to allow you to compare life insurance quotes online for level term life insurance, mortgage protection insurance and critical illness cover.

Over the years we've built up extensive industry knowledge, resulting in a clear and flexible expert service. As such, we can provide detailed information to help you compare life cover online and make an informed decision.

When you use our online life insurance comparison service to get quotes, we'll ask the provider to reduce our commission* which lowers your premium. This means our rates are more competitive than buying direct from insurers or your bank.

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Level Term vs. Mortgage Protection - Whats the difference?

Level term life insurance

There are a number of reasons why people take out level term life insurance; if you have debts that would need to be paid off in the event of your death, if you don't think your dependants would be able to cope financially if you died or to provide money for events that you wish to happen after your death, such as your children's schooling. This could also include financial support for your children's futures, for example house purchase deposits.

If you have a mortgage and would like your dependants to be able to pay off the outstanding capital if you died, level term insurance may be suitable. Many people in such circumstances will also consider Mortgage Protection Life Insurance (which is also often referred to as decreasing term life insurance).

Mortgage protection life insurance

As the name implies, mortgage protection life insurance is designed to pay off your outstanding repayment mortgage in the event of your death. This means that in the event of a claim, your dependants will receive a lump sum intended to pay off your mortgage in its entirety, ensuring that your loved ones won't have to worry about losing their home in addition to losing you.

If you have a repayment mortgage the amount of the outstanding mortgage decreases over time. In a similar way with a mortgage protection life insurance policy, the amount of life cover the policy provides decreases in line with the outstanding balance of your repayment mortgage.

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