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Gadgets have become an essential part of modern life for many of us. From phones, tablets and cameras to headphones and smartwatches, gadgets are rarely far away from our reach.

At Compare Cover, we've made it simple and easy to compare quotes online. So, whether you're looking for mobile phone insurance, or you want to cover multiple gadgets, we can help you compare quotes in minutes.

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What items does gadget insurance cover?

Gadget insurance provides cover for a wide range of electronic, portable items, including phones, tablets, cameras, games consoles, wearable technology (e.g. watches), e-readers, headphones and sat-navs.

Mobile phone insurance

Gadget insurance can help cover the cost of repairing or replacing your mobile phone/smartphone, so you can be reunited with your digital companion in no time!

Tablet insurance

All it takes is for one spilt cup of coffee during a stressful commute for your tablet to give up the ghost. Gadget insurance may not bring back your lost work, but it could help to fix or replace your trusty tablet.

Camera insurance

Sure, our smartphones have built-in cameras, but some situations call for a proper camera to capture those once in a lifetime moments. Gadget insurance may come in handy should you crack your Canon, or your Nikon gets nicked.

Games console insurance

Some manufacturer warranties may cover your console for up to a year, but what if your Xbox overheats or breaks down once that year is up? Gadget insurance may help you get you back up and gaming again before you know it!

Types of Gadget Insurance Available

Whether you have lots of devices or just the one, comparing gadget insurance quotes with Compare Cover allows you to make an informed choice about the best deal for you.

Single gadget

If you only want to insure a single gadget like a mobile phone, gadget insurance still offers many benefits that could save you money.

Multi-gadget insurance

Depending on the insurance provider, you could get a discount by taking out a multi-gadget policy, which may cost less than insuring your gadgets separately.

All gadget insurance providers we compare include cover for accidental damage and mechanical breakdown as standard. There are also options for additional cover for theft and loss. There are some exclusions though, so it's important to check the policy details to ensure they meet your needs.

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