What Life Admin Will You Sort in 2018?

What Life Admin Will You Sort in 2020?

07 January 2020

Another year has gone by and, with the advent of 2020, many people are looking to do all the things they meant to do in 2019 but didn't quite get around to.

If you want to sort through your list of personal tasks that need completing, January could be the time to do it - especially if you tend to put off some of the more 'boring' tasks.

After all, it's easy to feel a little overwhelmed at the volume of tasks on your to-do list and convince yourself that you'll do them later.

So, what are the most common life admin tasks that you might not have got around to doing?

Sorting Out Bills

Dealing with monthly household outgoings can be a less-than-exciting activity, but it needs to be done nonetheless.

Now could be the perfect time to assess your current providers, such as for energy and water, as you may be able to snag a good deal or change to a cheaper alternative.

Because these bills are often a big part of your monthly expenses, sorting them out as soon as you can may save you money down the line.

Taking Out Life Insurance

While this is something a lot of people prefer not to think about, life insurance can offer peace of mind and financial security for your loved ones should anything happen to you. For this reason, you may want to consider beginning 2020 by finally getting this out of the way.

You can compare life insurance quotes online to get the best one for your needs and requirements, which can, no doubt, provide peace of mind!

Taking Care of Travel Insurance

Many people want to travel more as part of their New Year resolutions, but may end up forgetting to purchase travel insurance or leave it until the last minute. If this sounds familiar, it may be worth sorting it out as soon as the holiday is booked to make sure that it doesn't completely slip your mind but also to fully benefit from the insurance policy's cancellation cover.

Before going away, be it for a few days or for a longer holiday, travel insurance can protect against eventualities such as medical emergencies or stolen luggage. We can help you compare travel insurance quotes online in a quick and easy manner.

Assessing Your Finances

Checking your monthly income and outgoings don't leave you with a deficit each month is something that sounds simple, but could go unnoticed should you have multiple places where money is coming in and going out.

Closing any bank accounts you no longer need and paying off debt that you can afford to can help you to manage your monthly financial position.

Making That Appointment

Is there is an appointment that you still haven't made? The beginning of a new year could be the perfect time to get it pencilled into your calendar.

It could be anything from the dentist to the accountant, or even making time to visit friends and family who live further afield.

Analysing Your Savings Situation

It may be worth checking whether you're getting the best interest rate when it comes to your savings this year so that you're making the most out of them.

If you believe you could get better elsewhere, the start of 2020 may be a great time to switch - after all, it can help you to start a new year with your savings in order.

Tips to Taking Control of Your Life Admin

Your life may be jam-packed with countless activities and tasks, so it's natural that you may prioritise other things above your life admin. Here are some tips to remain productive even when it comes to sorting out tasks that may feel repetitive and boring:

  • Rank things in order of priority, dealing with the ones that seem the most unappealing first so that it seems more manageable as time passes
  • Set deadlines for tasks (and stick to them) this can help you to complete everything you set out to do
  • Lists, apps, or storing important documents in physical folders can help you to remain organised
  • Do things as they come up instead of leaving them for later to help you stay on top of personal admin

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