Top Backpacking Destinations

Top backpacking destinations

Published 16 April 2018 | Last updated 28 May 2020

Travelling the world is a fantastic opportunity to experience different cultures, meet new people and take part in local traditions and festivities. So, it's little wonder globe-trotting features on so many of our bucket lists.

If you're thinking about a backpacking trip, here at Compare Cover, we have compiled a list of some of the top backpacking destinations to inspire your trip.

Interrail around Europe

Interrailing is a popular travelling choice for backpackers, giving them the opportunity to travel Europe in what can be a very cost-effective way. This cross-country train ticket allows you to visit 30 nations across the continent, and with the months between May and September considered to be the prime time to visit Europe by seasoned travellers, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your trip.

Interrailing is an incredibly flexible way of travelling, and is a great way to see many different places during one trip, with more than 40,000 destinations to choose from.

So, if you're thinking of choosing Europe for your backpacking destination, have a look at these top 10 destinations to visit for some inspiration.

Travel around Southeast Asia

Travel to Southeast Asia has grown rapidly during the last decade, and with beautiful beaches, a plethora of countries to see, as well as a range of new foods to try, it's easy to see why.

This part of the continent homes three incredibly popular destinations; Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. So, what is it about these countries that can make them an ideal backpacking destination?

Thailand is one of the more well-known travel destinations in Southeast Asia, and one location that is popular with first-time backpackers. The diverse range of adventures such as visiting jungles, lounging on beaches, and partaking in world class diving, means that it also caters to a range of budgets.

Cambodia is a country filled with stunning locations, from mesmerising beaches to breath-taking temples. One of the most popular sights of Cambodia is the Angkor Wat; one of the seven wonders and the largest religious monument in the world.

Vietnam has become a haven for backpacking, letting you experience unique adventures and view historical and natural sights, from exploring mountains to enjoying the nightlife. With some travellers able to get by on 18 a day, it can be perfect for those on a cheaper budget. One of the most popular backpacking routes takes travellers from Hanoi to Saigon, allowing them to travel the length of the country.

Explore Central America

Central America has long been a popular destination for backpackers, opening eyes to the other side of the world. With countries including Costa Rica and Nicaragua on the list, there's so much for you to see and do.

This region is famous for its rainforests (part of the Amazon is here), rare marine life, and a vibrant culture. With such a variation between each country, it's best to research the differences between the countries before you head on your travels.

Jet off to Australia

Australia is a popular travel destination, with various visa options meaning that young backpackers can visit for a few weeks, or even a couple of years. During British summer time, it's winter in Australia, but temperatures can still be a toasty 17 degrees if you're not one who enjoys the blazing sun.

The country hosts several stunning cities for you to see, from Sydney and Melbourne to Brisbane and Perth, each popular for various reasons.

Australia features stunning locations and famous buildings, from the Sydney Opera House to Byron Bay and there's even the opportunity to travel to the beautiful islands, such as Fraser island. To help you plan your trip to Australia, take a look at this itinerary for inspiration.

Pack your bags

When planning for an adventure, it can be tempting to put all your effort into mapping out your route and end up forgetting some of the paperwork. Here's a mini checklist to help you with planning your getaway:

  • Make sure you have your passport and tickets packed somewhere accessible the night before. It's also a good idea to check that your passport is not due to expire soon, as some countries may require you to have a certain number of months remaining on your passport in order to enter the country.
  • Ensure you've checked if you need a visa for the country you're visiting, and applied well in advance if you do.
  • Let your bank know if you're going to be using your card abroad, or exchange your currency ahead of your trip.
  • Compare travel insurance quotes before jetting off.
  • Remember your camera or smartphone to take some amazing pictures!

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