National Walk at Lunch Day Could be Every Day!

National Walk at Lunch Day Could be Every Day!

11 May 2017

Last week we celebrated National Walk at Lunch Day, the day of the year where everyone is encouraged to walk for at least thirty minutes during their lunch break. Here at Compare Cover we know that there are a number of different factors that contribute to calculating your required life insurance cover, the healthiness of your lifestyle being one such factor.

Walking has a number of health benefits that may surprise you - and you don't have to just do it on National Walk at Lunch Day! A simple 30 minutes' walk a day during your lunch could mean:

Healthier Heart

Walking is an amazing form of cardio exercise that's good for your heart's health - with the added benefit of usually being less exhausting than running. Regular walking, whether 30 minutes on your lunch break or whenever you have the time, can decrease the risk of suffering from heart disease or a stroke. The Stroke Association suggests regular moderate exercise can reduce your risk of stroke by 27%, recommending a 30-minute walk five or more times a week to help achieve this.

Increased Vitamin D

Vitamins are an important component of a diet to help ensure your bones are healthy and assist your immune system to continue working efficiently. Many in the UK are Vitamin D deficient, with around 1 in 5 people having low levels. A walk in the sunshine could be a natural and easy way to give your body a vitamin D boost.

Energy Boost

Natural energisers can be much better for you than the fizzy drink alternatives that some of us resort to during a long day. Walking for even a short period of time could give you a great boost, as more activity could increase the oxygen supply to your extremities. So if you often feel sluggish in the afternoon, then a walking lunch break may be a great way to put a bit more energy into your day!

Walking at lunch


The tweet of the birds, the beating down of the warm sun and a light breeze on your face. Does this sound like your happy place? This could be your reality every day depending on where your feet take you. It seems like such a short period of time, but you may be surprised by the hidden wonders you could find locally through a short half-an-hour walk. Furthermore, according to numerous studies including research by Alex Korb PhD, aerobic exercise is shown to increase serotonin levels in the brain, positively affecting your mood, appetite and sleep cycles.

Personal Achievement

Walking can be an easy, low effort way to start getting fit. If you begin with the 10,000 steps a day challenge you may be surprised at how much physical activity this actual equates to. It could provide a way to accumulate the 150 minutes a week of exercise that is considered to be good for your body. Your confidence may grow as you begin to see the benefits of your exercise, plus tracking your steps may also help you to visualise your progress and feel the strength of your achievement.

Feeling healthier already? As you embark on the first steps of a healthier lifestyle, you may start to feel that you're getting your life on track. You could get a further sense of accomplishment by comparing life insurance quotes today!


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