The Most Popular Cat Names for 2018

The Most Popular Cat Names for 2018

16 August 2018

Dogs may claim the title of 'man's best friend', but anyone who has had the pleasure of sharing their home with a cat will tell you they can be just as loveable!

So, if you're thinking of welcoming a new moggy into your home, there's a lot to consider. Have you got them plenty of toys to keep them entertained? Have you purchased cat insurance? Have you decided on a name? Choosing a name is one of the most exciting parts of welcoming a new kitty into your home, but with plenty of names to choose from, it can also be the trickiest!

It may be worth knowing what the rest of the country are thinking when it comes to naming their feline friends, either to gleam some inspiration, or to steer well clear to ensure your cat has the quirkiest name on the street.

At Compare Cover, we've compiled a list of the most popular cat names for 2018 * based on customer data, to help you decide on a name for your new bundle of fluff!

  1. Luna
  2. Poppy
  3. Bella
  4. Charlie
  5. Millie
  6. Lola
  7. Molly
  8. Tilly
  9. Daisy
  10. Smudge
  11. Loki
  12. Oscar
  13. Max
  14. Milo
  15. Simba
  16. Alfie
  17. Misty
  18. Leo
  19. Bob
  20. Lily
The Most Popular Cat Names for 2018

This year, Loki has made its first appearance in the top 20 cat names, making a new entry at number 11, while previously popular names such as Tigger and Willow have both fallen out of favour and no longer feature in the top 20 names for 2018 so far.

Whilst we can see references to Harry Potter or Avengers creeping in with names such as Loki and Luna, as a nation, we quite clearly prefer to stick with convention. Names like Bella and Poppy have enjoyed a prominent position in the most popular pet names for the last four years!

Whatever you decide to name your new feline friend, we're sure they will give you years of enjoyment. However, cats can be unpredictable and mischievous, especially when young!

You may wish to consider a pet insurance policy to safeguard against any unforeseen vet bills should your cat get into any scrapes while scouring their new territory.

At Compare Cover, you can compare pet insurance quotes, quickly and easily, and choose the right policy for you and your cat.

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*Compare Cover analysed user data across 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, with the most recent complete data set available covering until 18th June 2018.


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