A Guide To a Happier Home

A Guide To a Happier Home

13 September 2017

Time at home constitutes a huge portion of people's lives, so it may be natural to strive to make it as happy as possible. So whether they live alone, with a partner, family, or friends, what can individuals do to boost happiness in a home?

Four categories that people may want to consider as a basis for creating a happier home are health, relationships, leisure, and finances. But how might focusing on these areas foster a more content household?

Health: Looking After Yourself

Health can be a big factor when it comes to happiness. It may be something taken for granted when there are no problems, but even a small bout of poor health can quickly lead to unhappiness. Thankfully, there are a few things that can be done to improve health, which also helps to make us happy, such as engaging in exercise and eating well.

Exercise is believed to release chemicals in the brain, although there is still debate surrounding which ones, that can leave people with a feeling of euphoria; otherwise known as a 'runner's high'. Exercising outdoors has the potential to boost health benefits even more due to simply being outdoors in daylight, but there's also the option of yoga in the living room or getting a stationary bike for those who would prefer to sweat it out in front of the TV.

Relationships: Enjoying Time with Others

Relationships: Enjoying Time with Others

As social creatures, engaging in relationships with other people is sometimes considered to be a key element of happiness. These need not be romantic, and could be between friends, family and even work colleagues.

Nurturing these relationships and taking the time to engage in social interactions every day can be incredibly beneficial to physical and mental health. Taking part in community based group activity may help to keep the brain healthy in later life. For those who live with families, relationships may be found at home, but for those who live alone, community activities such as voluntary service groups, neighbourhood watch and political parties may provide opportunities for socialising.

There's also the option of inviting people around for dinner parties and board games if leaving the house isn't your idea of a weekend well-spent!

Leisure: Spending Time Outside of the Home

According to research, valuing your time more than the pursuit of money can help you to develop a greater sense of wellbeing. This study specifically spoke about activities and hobbies when referring to 'valuing your time', suggesting that engaging in hobbies and dedicating time to them can give us a sense of wellbeing and ultimately bring us happiness.

Why not try something new, such as jogging, bird watching, walking with the kids or painting?

Finances: Feeling Secure

Even though pursuing more money may not always make people happy, at least a foundation of financial security could improve wellbeing. In fact, in a study conducted on our behalf, we found that three quarters of 2,000 people surveyed believe that being financially secure is the most important factor to having their life sorted. Money worries and stress can be just that - worrying and stressful. However, when we are confident that our finances are secure, we may remove or at least reduce its effect as a stress in our lives.

Many people may not just worry about their present financial situation, but also the future they will leave for their loved ones when they are gone. Life insurance may be an important consideration for those whose loved ones would be unable to cover expenses alone if the worst were to happen.

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