5 Ways to Get You and the Kids Back into a School Routine

5 ways to get you and the kids back into a school routine

 First published 18 August 2018  |  Last updated 30 August 2020

The long summer holiday is almost coming to an end, and you're getting ready to start a new school year. While the long summer is great (for the kids at least!), they do tend to mess up your routine. Bedtimes have gone out the window, breakfast has turned to brunch and homework has become a distant memory. If getting back into the school routine is filling you with dread, here are some simple ways to get back into the swing of things quickly and hopefully stress-free!

Re-introduce a bedtime routine

Have you allowed your kids to stay up later than usual during the summer holidays? Well it's time to get them back into their bedtime routine. Gradually re-introduce earlier bedtimes and try not to allow screens two hours before bed. This could help to avoid a manic morning on their first day back. This goes for you too! If you're tired and grumpy, tensions are bound to run high when you're trying to round the kids up and get them off to school.

Lay out clothes the night before

When your morning routine has to run like clockwork, preparation is key. Have the kids uniform ironed and laid out the night before to dodge any dramas about where little Freddie's tie has gone and put an end to those 'Mum, where are my socks?' panics. It may also be a good idea to have shoes set out beside the front door to evade any last-minute commotion when heading out the door.

Prepare the packed lunches

Preparing lunchboxes can be a tedious task, not to mention time consuming. Get the kids involved in preparing their own packed lunches the night before. This may help them to get excited for school the next day, and they may be more likely to eat a lunch they have prepared themselves.

5 Ways to Get You and the Kids Back into a School Routine

Impose set mealtimes

The school holidays can mean set mealtimes don't always go to plan. It's time to re-introduce regimented meals to get your kids prepared for the routine found in the average school day. Try also to avoid eating late in the evening, as that will give the children an injection of energy when they should be unwinding for bed.

Make it fun

The beauty of a morning routine is that it stays the same. Help your kids keep on top of the must-do tasks by creating a fun checklist of their daily responsibilities such as brushing their teeth or eating their breakfast. You could laminate it and stick it to the kitchen wall and award a sticker every time they accomplish a task. This should keep them focused and may help to avoid any tantrums.

Children grow up so quickly, and before you know it your child's first day at school becomes their first day at work. As stressful as the early years can be, you may find you miss the time you have with your children while they're young, so cherish those days while you can.

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