The 4 Ws of Fitness Tracking: The Statistics

The 4 Ws of Fitness Tracking: The Statistics

01 September 2017

We've been researching the UK's rising obsession with fitness trackers in 2017. We have collected a wide range of data from users and put together a handy infographic to show the results in an easy to read, visual format. If pie charts and colourful graphs are your cup of tea, then look no further!

Once labelled the 'fitbit fad', our love of fitness trackers and wearable tech has become a reality, and it seems everybody from teens to pensioners are getting behind the trend and considering their health that little bit more.

With handy features including heart-rate monitors, pedometers, calorie trackers and vibration alerts, it's no surprise that step trackers and wearable tech have become instrumental in helping some Brits achieve their fitness goals. From the most sought-after brands and models to the most enthusiastic age groups, Compare Cover has been grilling the nation on their fitness tracker habits to find out just how much we love them.

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