Do You Need Travel Insurance for UK Holidays?

Do you need travel insurance for UK holidays?

Published 19 October 2017  |  Last updated 11 May 2022

Last year saw record numbers of Brits choose to stay in the UK for their summer holidays, with Covid-related restrictions and complications making heading abroad a hassle. And with foreign travel still not without its obstacles, it's little wonder many are swapping Barbados for Brighton.

Travel insurance, however, may be overlooked when booking a 'staycation', with many wondering "Do you need travel insurance for UK holidays?".

Any trip can have unexpected or unpleasant surprises that may affect what would otherwise be fond memories of a holiday - including those on British soil.

What can travel insurance cover in the UK?

A common misconception of travel insurance is that it is just to cover medical treatments when abroad, as we have the NHS in the UK. However, there are other scenarios you may encounter within the UK that could be covered by travel insurance; whether you're going on a family holiday, a romantic getaway, or a trip away with friends.

- Cancellations

For instance, booking a holiday can come at great expense, and the thought of losing that money for an unexpected reason could make a big difference to the enjoyability of a trip. Travel insurance may provide cover in the UK should a trip need to be cancelled or unexpected delays occur. It could also help with recovering lost funds, depending on the policy.

- Loss of personal items

Losing personal belongings while on a trip can happen anywhere, and a holiday in the UK is no different. It may be worthwhile checking home insurance policies before taking out travel insurance for high-value items taken on a holiday in the UK, as they may already be covered by this.

For domestic flights where a passport is needed, it could be beneficial to see if travel insurance policies cover loss, theft or replacement of the passport. Also, a cancelled flight could require an overnight stay or food and drink at the airport, which some policies can provide for.

- Medical treatment

While the NHS provides medical expense coverage in the UK, it may only offer treatment at the hospital closest to where a patient is. Certain travel insurance policies may cover a hospital transfer nearer to home.

What kind of travel insurance could be beneficial?

Should several trips be taken a year, an annual cover policy may be the most beneficial form of travel insurance. It will make planning a trip much simpler, even in the UK, as it can cover trips taken nationally as well as abroad.

If only one trip is planned, however, having a single trip policy can help provide cover in case of anything being cancelled or belongings being lost. Each policy is different, so it's important to know what they offer to ensure your chosen policy covers everything you need it to.

Travelling with family or in a group can be stressful, particularly if travelling with younger children. A standard family policy will typically cover two adults and up to four children aged 18 and younger. The policies, however, should be checked for any restriction that will make the policy unsuitable for the needs of the family. If travelling in a group, buying travel insurance individually may be a more expensive option than choosing a single group policy that can cover the requirements of everyone for the trip.

The suitability of different travel insurance policies will depend on each individual situation. At Compare Cover, we help you compare travel insurance quotes so you can assess what may be suitable for your trip.


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