Best Time To Do Holiday Prep

Best Time To Do Holiday Prep

22 August 2017

Here at Compare Cover, we understand that the hectic rush preceding a holiday can cause forgetfulness. Some travellers may even forget to look for travel insurance. But with the right preparation, it doesn't have to be this way!

Do you tend to leave your preparation to the last minute? Here's how you could avoid that late rush!

The Best Time

A month, a week, a night in advance; when is the best time to get holiday prep underway? Of course, the answer will more often than not depend upon who you ask. Whether it's months, weeks, or days before the big day, common sense dictates that committing to all of your preparation on the day of a holiday is probably a gateway to a missed flight.

Generally the more important the issue, the more time you should allow yourself to prepare for it. So, checking that a passport is in date before trying to fly with it, for example, would be tackled months prior to the holiday. Whereas, toothpaste and other toiletries could feasibly be left to the day before.

So although some aspects of preparation will inevitably come later on, the preparation before the preparation should begin as early as possible! Consider making a checklist including passport checks, travel insurance, taxi bookings, suitcase purchases and everything in between, then assign deadlines to realistically have those tasks completed by.



Getting travel documents done and dusted may be the boring bit, but it also tends to be the most important part of holiday prep. Checking your passport is going to be in date when you travel should be among your highest priorities, but also printing your boarding passes and hotel confirmation should ensure you avoid awkward moments at check-in desks or the potential for extra charges to have them printed out by the airline or hotel.

The sooner this is completed, the more peace of mind you may have and with it, the more time to enjoy planning out your activities and picking out your holiday threads.


Speaking of threads, the need for any new holiday clothes, sun cream, and other holiday accessories should also be sorted out prior to your getaway. Whether you're buying a whole new wardrobe or just topping up with a few items, you could consider hitting the sales well in advance.

A 2014 study by the BBC showed that the best time to actually buy summer clothes was in August, and this may still be the case now.

It's a case of taking advantage of the end-of-summer sales for the most part, so for those chasing a bit more of summer heat following the end of the UK summer (in September) then this may be ideal. If not, preparing a year in advance might be your best option.



Packing newly-acquired clothes can usually wait longer in the grand scheme of holiday prep. The day before could be risky if there are a number of missing necessities but, for those who have faithfully ticked off their checklists, anything from a week to a few days before could be ideal.

Don't forget, jetsetters should have clothes to wear in the days leading up to the holiday, rather than packing their whole wardrobe away in a suitcase!


So, how long can people leave it before buying travel insurance? Travel insurance can cover an array of situations, so it shouldn't be overlooked completely. By forgetting, there's a risk of something going wrong and not being able to seek compensation.

However, some package holiday operators including Jet2 state that as a term of your booking you must have travel insurance in place, meaning the day you book could also be the best time to purchase your travel insurance. For those who have missed this deadline, you may be able to get a quote up until the day before you leave without risking your terms of booking - but you risk sacrificing cover for cancellations if you were to take this approach. It could be safer in the long-run to ensure your holiday insurance policy is in place at the earliest opportunity once you've booked.

Still not sure when you need travel insurance or what your policy should cover? At Compare Cover, we give you the tools to help find the right insurance policy for you, including our handy travel insurance guide. Get quotes today and jet off on the holiday of your dreams with peace of mind.


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